Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Music Video?

So TG &CC have been invited to play a cancer benefit (I know, right?) sometime in the beginning of April.  Word on the street is there will be some sort of production company there that will film us, and for a fee of $150 compile our live songs into music videos.  Just so you know I did not speak directly to anyone; all this info was relayed to me by Zatch, so this is second-hand news.  But here's the rub: the company said that there has to be at least 300 people attending this benefit for the recording to take place.  We don't have to bring all 300 peeps, of course, but apparently there has to be that many for the film crew to bother recording.  Seems a little strange to me, but I figured if we had a good crowd like that plus a great set it would be worth it.  That is until I looked at their website.  Aside from the fact that their site looks like someone spent only an hour making it using an early version of Microsoft FrontPage, the videos that they showcase look low-rent. They appear to have been filmed using a cheap soccer-mom camcorder you get at Wal-Mart with very little production value other than basic cuts.  I will say that the B.L.A.C.K. video is much better quality than all the others.  I bet they just bought a new Hi-Def camcorder before filming that one.  What I didn't like about the B.L.A.C.K. video was that the actual video portion did not seem to sync up with the audio portion.  For instance I could see the drummer crashing a cymbal or hitting a snare but heard no such thing from the speakers.

I just bought a Hi-Def camcorder myself and I think I could do as good a job or better making a music video for TG &CC.  However, to be honest if I were to undertake a project like that it would not get underway until sometime in the summer, and it probably couldn't be in a live setting.  It would probably just have to be some shots of us playing in the basement or something interspersed with more artful or strange shots.

In any case, $150 is probably not that much to pay in the grand scheme of things, but in the context of a struggling independent band $150 is a lot of money that could be used for a upgrading our PA system, drum heads, cymbals, gas money for Denver shows, guitar strings, recording time, printing flyers, etc.

It's still something worth serious consideration, though.

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