Monday, March 1, 2010

Everything Sucks!!

For reasons I won't get into right now I am really pissed.  Okay, maybe I'll get into them a little.  Here's the deal: Like I mentioned in an earlier post I recently bought an HD camcorder, and I recorded Saturday's gig at Sidekick's with said camcorder.  However, after several hours of maddening conversations with tech support, fiddling with the software, installing/uninstalling various programs, and a few beers I want to murder the genius that created PIXELA ImageMixer software.

The good news is I still have the show on file and it was a pretty good performance all things considered.  I was a little sloppy 'cuz I did not get much sleep the night before and I drank a bunch of caffeine an hour before the show to try and make up for it.  Except that made me sloppy AND rush the songs, but everyone else was basically spot-on so I'm really proud of that.  Another bit of good news is that I was able to get one song up on YouTube for your listening and watching pleasure, and here it is:

And the link:

It did not upload HD like I'd hoped but this will do until I figure a way out of this nightmare of poor software manufacturing. More to come in the near future.  Enjoy.

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