Friday, April 30, 2010

More News (mostly bad)

So it has come to pass that our esteemed vocalist David Hair has decided to leave the band and move back to Texas to deal with some personal issues. It is truly sad for everyone. At this point the future of Tony G and the Cure for Cancer remains uncertain. Will we all go our separate ways? Will we start looking for a new singer? Could we make do instrumentally? Only time will tell.

Additionally Tony G will be leaving for China soon, and will be gone for about 5 weeks or so. I would like to play one last show or party before David and Tony leave Colorado, but this probably will not happen. At least we'll always have YouTube.

Speaking of which, our Metal for a Cure gig at Hodi's was recorded, unsurprisingly, and I'll leave you with one song off that set.

Zack loves that shakeweight.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

April Update

Has been longer than I wanted between posts, but some important updates.  The Dickens show went well.  It wasn’t our best show and had some mistakes, but all in all went okay.  Here’s TG&CC playing a pantsless version of “Where is My Mind?”

Also, it’s a bit late for announcing, but we have a show tonight at Hodi’s.  It’s seriously a cancer benefit with all proceeds going to Relay for Life.  It’ll be great.  Hodi’s never disappoints, so come out.  We’re calling it Metal for a Cure.  Crovax will be there as well as Mojo Kamikaze and Khaos Assassin. 

I have more news, but it will have to be saved for the next post.